Don’t Leave Home Without These 10 Must-Have Holiday Essentials

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Embarking on a holiday adventure is always exhilarating, but having the right apparel can make or break your experience. Marks & Spencer offers everything you need to prepare for your next adventure, ensuring comfort, convenience, and style. Here’s a curated list of 10 essential items to pack for your next holiday, tailored to suit every type of traveler.

1. Sun Hat

For beach enthusiasts, a wide-brimmed sun hat is more than just a fashion statement; it’s essential for protecting your face, neck, and shoulders from sunburn. Marks & Spencer’s selection of caps keeps you cool and comfortable under the sun.


For jungle explorers, a durable sun hat with UPF protection is crucial. Marks & Spencer’s Pure Cotton Baseball Cap provides style and sun protection, perfect for trekking through dense greenery.


2. Sunglasses

For jetsetters, sunglasses are a practical necessity for eye protection against UV rays. Marks & Spencer’s D Frame Polarised Sunglasses reduce glare and elevate your travel style.

For outdoor explorers, sunglasses with impact-resistant lenses protect your eyes from debris and wind. Marks & Spencer offers a range of functional and stylish options for any outdoor activity.

3. Swimwear

For beachgoers, a well-fitting swimsuit is essential for enjoying water activities comfortably. Marks & Spencer’s Tummy Control Padded Plunge Swimsuit offers support and coverage.

For jetsetters, a versatile swimsuit like Marks & Spencer’s Pure Cotton Collarless Beach Cover-Up Shirt can double as a cover-up or a stylish outfit for exploring beachside towns.

4. Rash Guard

For avid swimmers and surfers, a rash guard protects against sunburn and abrasions. Marks & Spencer’s Pure Cotton Printed Bardot Midaxi Beach Dress offers UPF protection and quick-drying properties.

For outdoor explorers, a thermal rash guard like Marks & Spencer’s Wool Blend Tailored Cropped Blazer provides insulation and warmth, making it versatile for both water and onshore activities.

5. Lightweight Jacket

For unpredictable weather, a lightweight, packable jacket is a travel essential. Marks & Spencer’s Waterproof Hooded Anorak with Stormwear keeps you protected without compromising style.

For outdoor adventurers, a durable, weatherproof jacket is indispensable. Marks & Spencer’s Water Resistant jackets offer ample space for belongings while protecting against the elements.

6. Quick-Dry Towel

For beach enthusiasts, a compact, quick-dry towel is perfect for drying off or lounging on the sand. Marks & Spencer’s range of beach and hand towels is ideal for beach endeavors.

For outdoor explorers, a quick-dry towel is versatile for personal hygiene and cleaning during camping or hiking. Marks & Spencer’s hand towels are durable and functional for spontaneous adventures.

7. Moisture-Wicking Clothing

For warm destinations, moisture-wicking clothing keeps you cool and comfortable. Marks & Spencer’s Cotton Rich Side Stripe Joggers offer breathability and keep you dry and odor-free.

For outdoor explorers, moisture-wicking clothing is essential for regulating body temperature and preventing chafing. Marks & Spencer’s Pure Cotton Hawaiian Cuban Collar Shirt ensures comfort in any weather.

8. Hiking Boots

For tackling rugged terrain, a sturdy pair of hiking boots is essential. Marks & Spencer’s Lace-Up Side Detail Trainers provide ankle support and waterproof protection for outdoor adventures.

9. Insect Repellent Clothing

For jungle explorers, insect-repellent clothing offers protection against bites and diseases. Marks & Spencer’s Pure Cotton Collarless Beach Cover-Up Shirt combines UPF protection with insect-repellent properties.

10. Packable Rain Gear

Packable rain gear is crucial for staying dry in sudden downpours. Marks & Spencer’s Waterproof Hooded Anorak with Stormwear and Water Resistant Padded Tote Shopper ensure you stay stylish and dry.

The right apparel can greatly enhance your holiday experience, ensuring you stay comfortable and stylish whether you’re lounging on a beach, exploring a city, or hiking through nature.


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