10 Innovative Sticky Rice Dumplings to Try this Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong

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As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, it’s time to indulge in the culinary delights of zhong or zongzi, the quintessential pyramid-shaped sticky rice dumplings ensconced in bamboo leaves. With origins steeped in legend, these delectable treats have long been associated with the festival, which falls on June 10 this year.

Legend has it that the tradition of zongzi dates back to the poignant tale of Qu Yuan, a revered Chinese poet and statesman of the Warring States period. Following his tragic demise in the Miluo River, locals purportedly tossed rice dumplings into the water to dissuade fish from consuming his remains, while drumming on boats to fend off evil spirits.


Regardless of its mythic origins, the enduring appeal of sticky rice dumplings persists, with a myriad of fillings to tantalize the taste buds. Hong Kong’s culinary landscape is no exception, boasting an array of innovative offerings alongside traditional favorites.


Here are 10 Hong Kong restaurants pushing the boundaries of flavor this Dragon Boat Festival:

  1. Lung King Heen

    Featuring creations like glutinous rice dumpling with osmanthus and sweet potato, and glutinous rice dumpling with whitebait, conpoy, and termite mushroom.

  2. Yue

    Offering unique flavors such as abalone rice dumpling, whole conpoy and pork belly rice dumpling, sweetened red bean and aged tangerine peel rice dumpling, and a vegetarian rice dumpling.

  3. Jade Garden

    Presenting innovative combinations like sea urchin and fish maw, scallop and squid, and roast goose and pork rice dumpling, alongside sweet options like coconut-flavored kaya and mandarin peel and bean.

  4. The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel

    Introducing a delicate jade premium glutinous rice dumpling, a healthy red quinoa vegetarian glutinous rice dumpling, and a red bean paste version.

  5. Ming Court

    Offering twists on classic flavors with glutinous rice dumplings featuring whole abalone, conpoy, roast duck meat, Jinhua ham, salted egg yolk, and shiitake mushroom, and a black glutinous rice dumpling with aged dried tangerine peel, red bean paste, and lotus seed.

  6. Tsui Hang Village

    Catering to health-conscious diners with vegetarian options filled with assorted mushrooms, yam, bamboo pith, and high-fiber quinoa, alongside a fruity golden kumquat rice dumpling.

  7. Yat Tung Heen

    Serving up deluxe whole abalone rice dumplings with conpoy and a vegetarian version with mushroom and red kidney beans.

  8. Spring Moon

    Indulging patrons with premium ingredients including 30-head Middle Eastern dried abalone, Jinhua ham, and conpoy, alongside sweet varieties like “Golden Twins” glutinous rice dumplings.

  9. The Legacy House

    Offering a Dragon Boat Rice Dumplings gift box with a blend of sweet and savory dumplings made with premium ingredients such as 24-year dried tangerine peel, Jinhua ham, and abalone.

  10. Ming Pavilion

    Presenting Hokkien-style rice dumplings featuring ingredients like abalone, conpoy, organic pork belly, dried squid, dried mussels, shiitake mushrooms, peanuts, taro, ginger, and spring onions.

Additionally, for those adhering to dietary restrictions, Hong Kong brand Dashijie introduces a keto diet-friendly “rice” dumpling made with cauliflower “rice” instead of glutinous rice, alongside classic and imperial Shanghainese dumplings.

This Dragon Boat Festival, embark on a culinary journey through these inventive sticky rice dumplings, each offering a unique twist on tradition.

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