Holiday Bowl Returns to Mission Valley, Finding New Home at Snapdragon Stadium

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The Holiday Bowl, a longstanding tradition in San Diego’s college football scene, is bidding farewell to its brief stint at Petco Park and returning to its roots in Mission Valley. The move marks a significant shift, with Snapdragon Stadium, purpose-built for college football by SDSU, now hosting the city’s premier annual college football event.

Announced jointly by San Diego Sports and the San Diego Padres, the decision underscores the strategic alignment between the bowl game and Snapdragon Stadium, situated on the former grounds of Qualcomm Stadium, which served as the bowl’s iconic venue for the majority of its 45-year legacy.


The relocation of the bowl game to Petco Park in downtown San Diego in 2021 was facilitated by a pivotal city council vote, lifting restrictions on football games at the ballpark and authorizing $2.2 million in renovations to accommodate the event. The move was met with anticipation, positioning Petco Park as an alternative venue for the celebrated game.


However, logistical challenges and the unforeseen impact of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the smooth transition, leading to the cancellation of the 2021 Holiday Bowl. Despite subsequent editions taking place at Petco Park in 2022 and 2023, the decision to return to Snapdragon Stadium reflects a strategic realignment with the bowl’s traditional home.

The move holds economic significance for the city, with revenue projections and subsidies factoring into the decision-making process. The Holiday Bowl’s return to Mission Valley is expected to rejuvenate the area’s economic vitality, leveraging the region’s rich history in college football and its state-of-the-art stadium infrastructure.

Snapdragon Stadium, although facing initial challenges during its inaugural events, has emerged as a multifaceted venue, hosting diverse sporting and entertainment spectacles, including soccer matches and championship games. Its adaptability and modern amenities make it an ideal setting for the Holiday Bowl’s resurgence in Mission Valley.

As San Diego’s premier college football event finds its new home at Snapdragon Stadium, the move symbolizes a return to tradition and a revitalization of the region’s sports landscape. With an illustrious history and a promising future, the Holiday Bowl looks poised to reclaim its status as a cornerstone of San Diego’s sporting heritage.


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