Several Unconventional Tips For Maximizing Your Summer Holiday

by CiCi
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Timing Your Overseas Travel:

Instead of booking your main overseas holiday in summer, consider traveling during the less favorable months at home (January to March). This strategy allows you to escape the worst weather in your home country and potentially find better weather abroad.

Advantages of Traveling by Car: Holidays where you have a car are recommended over those where you don’t. Having a car increases the likelihood of discovering hidden gems like beaches, cafes, and underrated towns or cities. These unexpected discoveries often become memorable highlights of the trip.

Useful Travel Gadgets:

  • A recommendation for purchasing tags that facilitate using express-pay lanes on motorways in Spain, Portugal, or France.
  • Tracking Devices for Luggage: Suggests using Apple AirTags or Samsung SmartTags inside luggage to track them during travel, reducing anxiety about lost luggage and aiding in disputes with airlines if luggage goes missing.
  • UK Extension Lead: Packing a four-gang UK extension lead allows you to charge multiple devices with just one adapter, simplifying your tech setup abroad.

Entertainment and Information:

YouTube Premium: Subscribing to YouTube Premium is suggested for better video quality and ad-free viewing. It’s also noted for its extensive content, which can serve as a valuable tool for researching travel destinations and activities abroad.


Quirky Tips:

Packing humorously with a UK-to-universal adapter to manage power needs abroad, even if it looks messy.

Overall, the article encourages readers to rethink traditional approaches to summer holidays, advocating for flexibility, preparedness with gadgets, and embracing serendipity while traveling by car.


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