Kiwis Reportedly Content Yet Thirst for More Holiday Time, Expedia Study Finds

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A recent study conducted by Expedia has revealed that a significant portion of New Zealanders feel they do not have adequate holiday time, despite generally higher satisfaction levels compared to their Australian counterparts.

The 24th annual Vacation Deprivation report by Expedia surveyed 11,580 employees across Asia-Pacific, North and South America, and Europe, including 507 respondents from New Zealand and 1,020 from Australia. The findings indicate that 55% of Kiwi participants expressed dissatisfaction with their current holiday allotment, positioning New Zealand as one of the less vacation-deprived countries in the study.


In contrast, Japan emerged as the most satisfied nation regarding holiday time, with only 53% of respondents feeling they lacked sufficient vacation days. Australia trailed New Zealand closely, with 57% of Australians reporting feeling vacation-deprived.


The study highlighted that New Zealand’s dissatisfaction score of 55% falls below the global average of 62%, significantly lower than countries like Germany, where 84% of respondents felt they were short-changed in vacation time.

Expedia did not delve into specific reasons for New Zealand’s relatively lower dissatisfaction score. However, it is noted that New Zealanders benefit from a generous number of public holidays, amounting to 11 working days (12 including regional holidays) in addition to the standard 21 days of annual leave, which might contribute to their overall satisfaction despite some feeling they could use more time off.

One clear suggestion from the study for improving satisfaction among Kiwi workers is to fully utilize their allocated leave days. On average, New Zealanders only use 18 out of 21 annual leave days, leaving three days unused. Similarly, Australians typically utilize 18 days of their 21-day entitlement.

When examining different age groups within New Zealand, the study found that Generation Z employees expressed the highest levels of vacation deprivation compared to other generations. Nearly half (43%) of Gen Z workers reported feeling deprived of vacation time, a sentiment shared by only 25% of Baby Boomers.

Factors contributing to Generation Z’s reluctance to take time off included concerns about missing out on work-related developments (49%) and feelings of guilt over burdening colleagues (55%). In contrast, Baby Boomers were less affected by such concerns, with only 21% sharing similar anxieties about taking leave.

The study suggests that fostering a healthier attitude towards vacation time and addressing concerns such as FOMO and guilt could lead to improved overall satisfaction with holiday entitlements among New Zealand workers.

In conclusion, while many Kiwis enjoy a relatively satisfactory amount of holiday time, there remains a notable cohort that seeks greater opportunities to recharge and explore, reflecting broader trends in work-life balance and generational attitudes towards leisure.


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