Families Invest Thousands for Work and Learning Abroad

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Georgie Powell, her husband, and their three daughters are spending their summer abroad, seamlessly blending work and vacation. For them, the hefty price tag of £12,000 is worth the unique experience.

After four years of juggling various childcare options, Georgie found a solution that meets her family’s needs without compromising their work commitments. In 2023, they discovered a travel program offering summer education for children, accommodation, and access to co-working spaces in destinations like Portugal, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Montenegro, and Spain.


Boundless Life, the program they chose, provides an opportunity for the family to enjoy a holiday while working. This comes at a cost of €14,600 (approximately £12,360) for four weeks. This fee includes €2,000 per child for the educational program, €7,400 for a three-bedroom apartment, and €600 per parent for co-working space and concierge services.


For Georgie and her husband, the investment was justified. They first signed up for the six-week program in Sintra, Portugal, where they balanced work with exploring the area’s historic sites and beaches. Their daughters, aged seven, five, and two, were engaged in educational activities during the week, allowing Georgie and her husband to focus on their jobs. Georgie works remotely as the VP of partnerships and strategy for the productivity app Freedom, while her husband works as a corporate electric vehicle consultant.

The experience was so rewarding that they enrolled again, this time opting for a four-week stay on the Greek island of Syros in August. “We honestly had the time of our lives. It couldn’t have been better. We wanted to have a summer adventure, but both my husband and I work full time. This way, we had six weeks of peace of mind knowing that the children were going to have really fun days every day, and we could work,” says Georgie.

They rationalized the cost by comparing it to their UK private school and nursery fees. Renting out their home while abroad covered the cost of their stay in Sintra and will cover 60% of the Syros trip.

The Tilley family has also embraced the concept of working and schooling abroad. They participated in Boundless Life’s six-week program last summer in Syros and are now headed to Kotor, Montenegro. Although they can’t rent out their home, they find the cost comparable to luxury holidays and value the cultural experiences and deep bonds their children form.

Other families have found similar programs. Family Workation in Portugal offers co-working and co-living spaces with local childcare options. Nomad To Be partners with property rental platforms and Montessori schools to create family workation experiences in various Portuguese locations. Olivia and John Tilley, who take their children on educational trips across Europe, plan to spend two months in Bali next summer, emphasizing alternative, project-based learning.

For these families, the investment in overseas work and learning experiences is not just about childcare; it’s about enhancing their careers and providing their children with unique educational opportunities. As Georgie puts it, “You have to invest in childcare to maintain your progression at work. The peace of mind is worth so much, just to be able to know that your kids are having an amazing experience every single day, and you can just get on with your job. It’s quite hard to put a price point on that.”


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