Bali Tourist’s Severe Injuries Highlight Motorbike Risks

by CiCi
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Recent footage of a man resembling an “Egyptian mummy” due to extensive bandages after a motorbike accident in Bali has underscored the dangers associated with this popular form of transportation on the island.

The video, which went viral on social media, captured the man walking down a Bali street, wrapped in white bandages from head to toe. While his appearance may have turned heads, it’s unfortunately not an uncommon sight in Bali, where motorbike accidents among tourists are frequent.


Motorbikes are a favored mode of transport in Bali, but many tourists, unfamiliar with the roads and local driving conditions, end up in accidents, some of which have fatal outcomes. Last year alone, Bali recorded 632 road deaths, with a staggering 86% of them involving motorcycles, according to The Bali Sun.


Efforts to address this issue, including discussions about a potential motorbike ban for tourists, have been made. However, such measures have not materialized. Authorities continue to warn against riding motorbikes and urge tourists to consider safer alternatives for transportation.

The viral footage sparked reactions from travelers, with many noting the prevalence of such accidents in Bali. Some likened the injured man to a “superhero villain,” while others humorously referred to the bandages as “the classic Bali tattoo.”

The incident serves as a reminder for tourists to prioritize safety while exploring Bali and to exercise caution, especially when opting for motorbike travel in unfamiliar environments.


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