Next Public Holiday in the UAE: Hijri New Year

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If you’re eagerly anticipating the next public holiday in the UAE, you’re in the right place. Let’s delve into the upcoming public holidays and the potential for those cherished long weekends.

When is the next UAE public holiday?

Following the four-day Eid Al Adha break, the next public holiday in the UAE is the Hijri New Year (Islamic New Year), expected to fall on Sunday, July 7, 2024 (Muharram 1).


This raises the question: will there be a long weekend? According to Resolution No. 27 of 2024, “with the exception of Eid holidays, any of the official holidays … may be carried over by a Cabinet decision to the beginning or end of the week.” Therefore, it is possible that the holiday could be adjusted to create a long weekend, but we must wait for an official announcement from the UAE authorities. Stay tuned for updates.


Confirmed Public Holidays in the UAE

Following the Hijri New Year, the next confirmed public holiday is Union Day, previously known as UAE National Day. The UAE Cabinet has decreed a two-day holiday for both the private and public sectors on December 2 and 3, which falls on a Monday and Tuesday. This results in a four-day weekend for those with standard weekends off.

The subsequent public holiday will be January 1, 2025, celebrating the New Year, which falls on a Wednesday. For details on the full list of public holidays in 2025, please visit the official link.

Stay informed about public holidays to plan your time off and make the most of your long weekends.


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