Next Month’s Royal Visit to Guernsey Marked with Public Holiday

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Islanders in Guernsey will enjoy a public holiday on Tuesday, July 16, in honor of the visit by King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

This announcement, confirmed yesterday by the States, marks the first visit of Their Majesties since their accession to the throne last year. The Committee for Economic Development made the decision, highlighting Guernsey’s constitutional relationship as a Crown Dependency and upholding a tradition of public holidays for royal visits that dates back to Queen Elizabeth II’s visit in 1957.

Neil Inder, President of the Committee for Economic Development, expressed his delight in confirming the holiday.

“It is a historic occasion and a cause for celebration. While I recognize the short notice may affect some businesses and services that must remain operational, I hope the public understands the urgency of our decision given the proximity of the visit. Most importantly, I hope this public holiday allows as many people as possible to come out and see Their Majesties,” Inder stated.


The Chamber of Commerce has supported the decision, acknowledging the short notice but emphasizing the importance of the visit. Alice Gill, executive director, remarked, “While the short notice will impact businesses, it is the right decision to allow as many people as possible to participate. We are confident that businesses will embrace this opportunity to celebrate our relationship as a Crown Dependency.”


Islanders expressed their enthusiasm for the holiday when speaking to the Guernsey Press.

Retired teacher Helen Foxen, 72, commented, “I think we have a fine system in the royal family, and they do a wonderful job. A visit by the monarch is a rarity, and everyone should have the chance to attend as a mark of respect. I remember taking the children from Notre Dame to see the Queen in the 1970s, and it was a wonderful day.”

Accountant Doug Hesketh echoed this sentiment, stating, “One extra Bank Holiday every 20 years doesn’t hurt. I will definitely be part of the crowds; it’s the chance of a lifetime to see them here.”

Helen Hobbs, who works at an architectural firm, shared that her company will be giving everyone the day off. “I’m glad my workplace is supporting it. I’ll be going to see them, even if the weather is bad. It’s good for the island and good for as many people to be involved as possible.”

Natalie Le Ray, who works in finance, added, “Guernsey is a very patriotic place. You can see that with Liberation Day. It’s great they have given everyone the opportunity to be involved.”

Islanders are looking forward to welcoming King Charles III and Queen Camilla and making the most of this historic occasion.


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