Bodrum Braces for Influx of 1 Million Visitors During Eid Holiday

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Bodrum, renowned among tourists both local and international, anticipates a bustling period during Eid al-Adha, with visitor numbers expected to soar to 1 million.

As the extended nine-day Eid holiday coincides with peak summer vacation season, demand for accommodations in this coastal city has surged. Hotel occupancy rates are nearing full capacity, reaching nearly 90 percent, prompting local hoteliers to emphasize the importance of early reservations.


Ömer Faruk Dengiz, head of the Bodrum Hoteliers Association, underscored the necessity of securing bookings in advance to avoid disappointment. He cautioned against arriving without a reservation, warning that last-minute accommodations might be scarce, advising potential visitors to book through accredited travel agencies.


Hasan Yiğit, a local hotel operator, highlighted the potential challenges posed by the anticipated population surge and ensuing congestion. With schools closed and a lengthy holiday period ahead, Bodrum is expected to face significant traffic disruptions and crowded beaches.

Tourism expert İlker Adas expressed optimism about the upcoming holiday season, projecting approximately 1 million guests throughout Bodrum. He emphasized the influx of Turkish visitors during Eid and anticipated high occupancy rates for the broader 2024 summer season.

To manage the expected influx, Bodrum authorities are enhancing security measures, deploying additional police forces, and implementing a double-shift waste management system to maintain cleanliness and safety.

Meanwhile, private beaches in Bodrum are gearing up for the season’s start, with entrance fees ranging from 500 to 3,000 Turkish Liras. The cost of food items at these venues reflects their luxurious nature, with prices for lahmacun and hamburgers varying between 100 and 1,000 liras, depending on ingredients and service quality.

Alişir Şahin, Vice President of the Bodrum Hoteliers Association, addressed the perception of high prices in Bodrum, attributing it to the region’s popularity and demand. While municipal beaches offer free access, private beach establishments cater to those seeking exclusivity and premium services.

“Bodrum remains a highly sought-after destination globally,” Şahin explained, noting that the perceived high costs are a reflection of supply and demand dynamics.

In anticipation of the holiday rush, Bodrum prepares to welcome visitors while ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for all during this festive season.


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