Russell County Extends Independence Day Celebration with July 5th Holiday

by CiCi
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Russell County, Ala. – In anticipation of Independence Day falling on a Thursday this year, the Russell County Commission has decided to extend the holiday by making Friday, July 5th, a paid holiday for all Russell County employees.

Chairman Rod Costello highlighted that all Russell County government buildings, including the courthouse judicial center and probate tag office, will remain closed on July 5th. However, the sanitation department will continue its operations to ensure trash pickup for both Thursday and Friday, maintaining essential services for residents.

Costello emphasized the decision as a gesture of gratitude towards county employees, acknowledging the challenges they face during holiday periods. He expressed confidence that the extended four-day weekend will provide employees with ample time to rest and recharge before returning to work on Monday, July 8th.


The move reflects the county’s commitment to supporting its workforce and ensuring that employees have the opportunity to fully enjoy the Independence Day holiday with their families.


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