Oman Announces Three-Day Weekend for Islamic New Year

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Muscat, Oman – In celebration of the Islamic New Year, Oman has declared Sunday, July 7, 2024, as an official public holiday. This announcement by the Oman News Agency (ONA) extends the weekend for both public and private sector employees, aligning with the Holy Prophet’s Hijra Anniversary and the start of the new Hijri year, 1446 AH.

The decision allows residents to enjoy a three-day break, beginning from Friday, July 5, and concluding on Sunday, July 7. While Sunday is designated as a public holiday, the Ministry of Labour has clarified that employers may request staff to work if necessary, ensuring appropriate compensation for their efforts.


The Islamic New Year, or Hijri New Year, signifies the commencement of a new lunar year, observed with reverence across the region.


This holiday underscores Oman’s commitment to cultural heritage and provides an opportunity for residents to celebrate and reflect during this significant occasion.


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