Mississippi River Flooding Could Impact Your 4th of July Holiday

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The rising waters of the Mississippi River are threatening to disrupt 4th of July holiday plans, with boating and swimming activities expected to be significantly limited.

According to the National Weather Service in La Crosse, the Mississippi River is forecasted to rise above 20 feet and crest shortly after the Independence Day holiday.

Impact on Local Businesses

The 4th of July weekend is traditionally the busiest period of the summer for the Winneshiek Bar and Grill. However, the flooding has already impacted their business, as fewer boaters mean reduced water traffic and customer flow.


“This is definitely the highest it’s been on the Fourth of July that I can ever remember,” said Drew Hagger, manager of the grill. “With the river shut down, we don’t get a lot of that traffic that normally is here during the Fourth of July and summertime.”


Safety Measures and Recommendations

Despite the flooding, Prairie du Chien’s on-land holiday activities will proceed as planned. However, Mayor Dave Hemmer has advised residents and visitors to avoid boating or swimming in the river due to hazardous conditions.

“Don’t be afraid to come, just be careful. Don’t let the kids get down in the water. For one thing, it’s nasty stuff with the flooding. Just be careful,” he said. “It’s nasty stuff out there, you know. You don’t want to be messing around out there.”

Community Resilience

Hagger remains optimistic about the resilience of PDC businesses despite the flooding challenges. “It’s life on the river,” he said. “You’re not going to be able to control it so you’ve got to take what you get.”

Historical Context

Prairie du Chien’s flooding record was set in 1965 when the Mississippi River crested over 25 feet. While the current flooding is significant, it remains below this historic peak.

As residents and visitors prepare for the holiday, they are reminded to prioritize safety and adapt their plans to the changing conditions of the Mississippi River.


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