Philippines Declares Eid Al Adha as Public Holiday

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 Employees Entitled to Double Wages

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has officially declared June 17th as a public holiday in observance of Eid Al Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice. Proclamation No. 579, signed on June 4th, designates this day as a regular holiday throughout the Southeast Asian country.

This announcement translates into a three-day weekend for employees in the Philippines, spanning from June 15th (Saturday) to June 17th (Monday).


According to the labor law of the Philippines, employees who are required to work on Eid Al Adha will be entitled to receive 200 percent of their daily wage, ensuring fair compensation for their service on this special occasion.


Eid Al Adha holds significant cultural and religious importance in Islam and is one of the two major feasts observed by Muslims worldwide. Its date is calculated according to the Hijri calendar months and is determined based on the sighting of the crescent Moon.


In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other Islamic nations, Eid Al Adha is eagerly anticipated as a public holiday. Residents in the Emirates could potentially enjoy an extended break of four to five days, depending on the outcome of the Moon-sighting results. An official announcement regarding the holiday duration is expected imminently.


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